Key Differences in Minneapolis Software Development Companies

Custom software for a business is no longer something just for big national and international businesses. In fact, many small businesses in Minneapolis are turning to custom software development to design new and innovative software options to allow them to compete with the big companies.

Narrowing down the choices in software development companies can be a challenge, particularly for a business owner without a strong technology background. Finding a trusted, reputable company with a focus on customer service shouldn’t require you to be a software expert.

When you start reaching out to companies, asking a few simple questions and learning more about the developer’s business model will be a good start. Ask about their specialties and past projects they have completed. Consider using a local company, particularly for a first project, as this allows for greater ease of communication and also allows the developer to learn more about your business, which is very important to the final result.

One-Time Project Vs. Ongoing Relationships

Most freelancers and many of the large software development companies are focused on high volume production. While this may result in a slightly lower price for the small business owner, there is limited communication, interaction, and input.

At SONG, we are more interested in building a working partnership rather than landing a single project. We focus more on long-term relationships with customers and use a team approach that is highly interactive with the business.

Challenged by Creativity Vs. Excited About Possibilities

In the two very different models discussed above, it is easy to see why highly creative and innovative software development tasks may be a challenge for a high-volume production company.

On the other hand, a company like ours is focused on creative, innovative and customized solutions for each individual business owner. We also work to develop software that can be flexible, extendable and responsive to the needs of our clients as their business grows and expands.

If this sounds like the kind of partnership you’re trying to build for your company, we want to talk to you! For more information or to discuss your project’s needs, call us today at 612-234-7664.

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