Who We Are

About SONG

We’re a values-driven team that’s been around the block.

We have five core values that you’ll hear a lot about if you work with us.

  • Fairness. We’re Minnesotans, so we believe everyone should get a fair shake. We work with our clients to find the right way forward for everyone.
  • Trust. Our clients put a significant piece of their business into our hands, and so we are thoughtful and careful with it.
  • Understanding. Not all of the tech industry is technical. Humans drive everything we do. We work hard to understand our clients, our clients’ clients and everyone who uses the custom software we build.
  • Independence. We don’t lock clients in with proprietary solutions or unreadable code bases. Our clients stick with us because they want to.
  • Making things better. We do good things and so do our clients. We are making lives better for having worked for us, with us, or on software we’ve made.

We’ve used these values to make web apps with Twin Cities-based manufacturers and retail companies like Airborne Athletics and 2nd Swing Golf, with start-ups from across the country like Inly and with other big-name companies that you think of every day. Get in touch and we’ll walk you through our portfolio.

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