We make custom software for businesses and start-ups.

SONG is a software development company that believes that humans are the key to technology solutions. Our clients stay with us for years because they like what we do and how we do it. We’re proud of that.

We live by our values — fairness, trust, understanding, independence, and making things better — to create outstanding custom software with our clients.

Where other companies struggle to hear what people need (and what they don’t), SONG works with you to find a custom software or web application product that is worth your investment. It makes a huge difference having a team with whom you can trust and work. Our dedicated team of professional developers based in Minneapolis, MN, will take the time to learn about your company, your voice, and your challenge. Doing so makes projects more predictable, it makes outcomes more reliable, and it makes your life easier.

Want a software company you can talk to? That’s us.

SONG stands out among custom software development companies not only by being based domestically in Minneapolis but also having a team you can reach when you need support. We work with many types of businesses that all have one thing in common: they seek a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with their software development company. Our experience lets us communicate effectively with your design team, your business intelligence folks, and even your accounting department. We’re big enough to get it done and small enough to be clear and direct.

We’re ready to take on any kind of software or web application development challenge you might be facing. Give us a call at 612-234-7664 or email hello@songmn.com to get the ball rolling!

As we say here at SONG: Let’s Make Magic!